Sanitation, Yard Waste & Recycling Notes from the City of Hartselle

Hartselle Utilities provides billing for the City of Hartselle’s sanitation and recycling services, but Hartselle Utilities is not involved in the operations or scheduling for sanitation, yard waste or recycling pickup. HU Customer Service representatives frequently receive phone calls requesting information about sanitation. According to City of Hartselle Director of Public Works Daxton Maze, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

If my regular garbage or recycling pickup falls on a holiday – or if they can’t run because of bad weather – when will my garbage or recycling be picked up?

Changes and updates to any scheduled pickups for sanitation, yard waste and recycling – whether holiday or weather-related – can be found online at under the Public Works tab or by calling Public Works at (256) 773-2643. A copy of the normal pickup schedule is also on the City of Hartselle’s website.

My garbage canister was at the street and full – actually overflowing – but the City did not pick it up. Why?

According to City Ordinance 78-43G Pre-Collection Practices, canisters will not be emptied if lids will not close due to excessive trash, yard waste or recycling. (It creates a mess on city streets.)

If a customer needs additional canister space, there are options:

Residential customers can obtain an additional garbage canister for an additional $2.50 per month.

Residential customers can purchase an additional yard waste container for a one-time fee of $80.00.

In an effort to encourage recycling, City of Hartselle residents can request an additional recycling canister at no charge.

Please call the Public Works Department at (256) 773-2643 to request any of these services.

What counts as yard waste?

Only yard waste and landscape debris may be placed in the yard waste canister. This includes limbs, sticks, grass clippings and leaves. All yard waste must be unbagged.

My garbage pickup is always at 11 a.m., but today it ran early and I missed it! How do I know when my canisters need to be out?

Because pickup routes can change, please ensure that canisters are out by six a.m. on the day of service. Public Works encourages residents to pull emptied canisters back off the street as soon as possible to avoid causing traffic disruptions.